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Lodging Staff Can Make Travel Pleasant for Anyone

Posted in Travel on August 30th, 2009 by Kay Hamner – 3 Comments

I love to travel by car in this country.   There are so many different cultures and landscapes to experience, all within the borders of the good old USA.  But I have some challenges when I travel alone by car.

I have a medical condition that requires the use of oxygen for some of the day, and always at night.  It is difficult to walk up stairs, although I can walk on fairly level ground for a considerable time.  Therefore, I can tour most sites I want to see. I can carry light luggage but heavier items present some difficulty.

I often stay in smaller hotels and motels.  In places where I have just stopped for the night, with no reservation, I have discovered a few secrets.

Most lodging staff in the travel and hospitality industry are among the most helpful people on earth.  Even if I stay at lodging that does not have bell hops, I have discovered that if I stop by 4:00 or 4:30 p.m., there are usually housekeeping or maintenance staff still on the site.  Later than that you take your chances.  When I check in at the desk I explain my situation.  Generally the desk clerks go out of their way to give me the most convenient room and summon someone from housekeeping or maintenance.  Of course, I tip the staff who help me get my luggage in.  I ask the desk clerk to leave a message for the next clerk who will come on duty to tell him that I am willing to pay one of the housekeeping staff to help me get my luggage and oxygen back into the car the next morning. I may need to adjust my departure time slightly to accommodate them, but that is easy enough to do. It is amazing how often these wonderful people don’t want to accept any payment, but I always insist.

So, you see, with a sense of adventure and a willingness to be flexible, it is possible to enjoy travel even with special requirements. I will be doing more travel over the coming months, sometimes with a companion and sometimes alone. I will be compiling notes on the places I stay, attractions I visit, restaurants I enjoy, and I will then pass on to you dear readers information about where I have received the best help, and, if I should run into less helpful staff, I will tell you about that as well.  I’ll also pass on other tips about ways I have found to make travel with special needs fun and easy, and about products I use while traveling.  So pack your bags, get out your maps, and check in with me frequently.