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Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully?

Posted in Aging Gracefully on July 24th, 2009 by Kay Hamner – Be the first to comment

I was just watching another one of those late night infomercials making fantastic claims for a product that claims to take years off our appearance. We baby boomers are really into health and fitness and anti-aging and we are pushing the market for those products toward the one trillion dollar mark annually

“Aging gracefully” use to mean simply accepting all the limitations that the passing years brought.  But today medical and scientific advances have not only made it possible to live longer, but also to keep looking and feeling really good for many years. But what do we choose from the hundreds of products and how much money do we spend on all this before we cross the line from taking care of ourselves to being obsessed with it all?

For me “aging gracefully” today means taking advantage of the scientific advances but without getting ridiculous about it. My version of “aging gracefully.” is to recognize the aging process as natural and inevitable, but to do a few reasonable things to slow the process and continue looking and feeling great.  I can make a few life-style changes and, I can add a few products to my table, my bathroom shelf, my vanity top that help me to look and feel my best .  Products that don’t over promise, but deliver on what they do promise, and don’t break the bank.  In future blogs I will share some information about products I have found that meet this criteria. But I don’t stop with useful products. I can challenge my mind with good books, experience the sense of adventure that goes with new experiences, and celebrate the insights my life experience can contribute to people I care about and groups I support.  I would love to hear what others think of my version of “aging gracefully” or anti-aging.  Let me hear from you