Ordinary People – Extraordinary People

Posted in People on July 24th, 2009 by Kay Hamner – 1 Comment

I was not with President Carter in Washington.  But as a director of The Carter Center, the humanitarian not-for-profit he founded, I sat in on discussions with powerful and influential people gathered around a conference table in a room that looked as though it belonged in the White House.

I listened as plans were made for combating centuries old diseases, fighting ignorance, promoting democracy in countries not acquainted with democratic processes, bringing hope to the lives of millions of people. It was a heady experience.

Gradually I came to have a great appreciation for the courage and resiliency of those millions of “ordinary” people around the world.  Despite everything, they go on surviving, day by day, loving their families, worshiping, experiencing the pain but also all the joy of life. Each of their lives is a story.  The lives of ordinary people everywhere fascinate me and inspire me.  Usually their stories show that ordinary people are really quite extraordinary.