My Reasons Why

I am not a specialist in anything.

During many years of corporate and nonprofit management I remained a Generalist. One whose main talent was recognizing the ability and talent of others and putting together teams to achieve a goal. If you have read my biography on this site you will note that I have a multitude of interests and that list continues to grow.  I enjoy reaching out to others with my thoughts and hearing from others about theirs.  The ability to carry on a world wide dialog with people is one of the wonders and blessings of the internet.

I am also a business woman operating a business, a business carried out solely through teams of associates.  I want to introduce the business and some of my associates on this blog.

Therefore, you will at times see blog posts on general topics about things that simply interest me or have caused me to pause and reflect on something.  And sometimes on topics more specifically related to some aspect of my business projects.  In fact, there are entire sections of this blog devoted to some of the business activities.

There are a gazillion blogs out there.  One worth your time to read takes thought and effort to create.  As I hear from readers I will continue to refine and improve my posts so that, hopefully,  you will want to return to this one regularly.