A Special Day – Saturday

Some habits die hard.  I retired early seven years ago.  But after seven years when any day could be like Saturday I still wake up on Saturday mornings with a sense of freedom different from other days.  Especially one like today.  The young lady who helps me at home has left the apartment clean, the laundry done, and groceries stocked for the week-end.  I have no appointments scheduled, e-mails to and from boards/committees I serve on and a few business matters were handled yesterday, and today there is not even a social or family occasion in the works.  A good mystery by an Australian author whose works are new to me awaits.  French Roast coffee made, wine cooler holding bottles of both red and white wines to choose from later.  Ready to tune into Easy Listening or light classical music stations on Comcast and let the music flow through the speakers I have throughout my condo while I dive into that new mystery book.  Any other day I would feel a little twinge of guilt about not doing at least one productive thing today.  But its Saturday.  Freedom Day.

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