Why I hired some help

Technology seems to change faster than we can keep up with it.  Who had ever heard of Blogs 15 years ago?  And think of how recently Twitter, and FaceBook and all the other social media took off!

It is possible for anyone to build her own web site, set herself up on social media, start blogging, etc.  My hat is off to those who do it all themselves.

But I discovered that the time it would take for me to learn all that, and put it all together into a plan for how to use various technological tools, was time I could better spend elsewhere in my business. And in my life.  If you are putting together a team of people in your business, you must spend some time with them. If you are selling products, you have to learn about those products. If you are writing and publishing you must allow time for research and drafting material.  If you need to be creating a presence in your community, developing a business image through participation in various business organizations, writing blogs, doing conference presentations on line, all of that takes your time. Besides all that, we must tend to our friends and families and take care of our health and do some recreating! 

We have to decide where we can best put our time and where to seek help.  I have decided to use some of my budget to contract with a consultant to handle, or at least teach me how to handle, the technological side of my business.  Not only that, but to help me put together a plan for making the best use of all the communication tools available.  This allows me to put my strengths to work where they will do the most good.  I consider this a very good use of a limited budget.

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