Meet Kay

After a career in management with a Fortune 100 company, Kay Hamner was invited by former President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter to join a small group helping them establish a global humanitarian center.  From a small beginning with a handful of people The Carter Center has now improved the health and lives of millions of people around the world.

After her earlier corporate career and  twenty years as a director of The Carter Center,  Kay entered the world of entrepreneurship and joined the semi-retired.

Kay retains her passion for making a difference in the lives of others which she pursues through her businesss and a number of worthy causes.  She is a woman of boundless curiosity and a sense of adventure, with many interests as varied as history, cultural tourism, folklore and cultural traditions, a good mystery story, interior design, the theater, ageless beauty,  avenues to good health, and the many ways people around the world live their lives.  Indeed, her blog reflects the breadth and eclecticism of her interests. Kay lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA,  where she continues to serve on several volunteer boards, and spend all the time she can with her “honorary grandchildren,” her grand nephew Michael and grand niece Lilah.